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Istemi srl was founded in 2008 with the intention of bringing the world of the most advanced investigation techniques, borrowed from biomedical and, more generally, scientific research, into the world of structures.

Istemi has always stood for a group of experts, consisting of engineers, architects, geologists and chemists who, by pooling their expertise, optimise the processes of investigating the built environment.

A team that is constantly working on the safety and conservation of structures, ranging from housing to infrastructure, with a particular passion: the protection of Italy's monumental heritage

One of the first Ministerial Laboratories authorised by MIT for tests on existing structures, it boasts, alongside technologies and instrumentation for surveying and mechanical analyses on buildings, an excellence: the Laboratory for chemical-physical investigations on building materials and restoration

It was precisely the chemical-physical laboratory, together with the other technological innovation processes introduced, that led Istemi to win the SMAU Innovation Award in 2021.
and development
Innovation, research and a focus on the new constitute one of the cornerstones of our organisation. We are always sensitive to experimenting with new technologies for material analysis

Our policy today is, more than ever, to identify new ways to improve the quality of our services.

We want to become the partner of choice for technicians, companies and private individuals by putting our experience at their disposal and providing a top-quality service, the result of our experience and applied research.
Carrying out tests and services with the primary objective of supporting technicians, companies and individuals to add value in terms of accuracy of results. All this is guaranteed through innovation, customer focus, in the application and execution of tests within certain timeframes, guaranteeing reduced costs and total reliability.Particular attention is paid to the development and application of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques in order to minimise the impact on structures and contain investigation costs
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